Charles' Story

I was raised as a Christian, but never really felt a "relationship with god". I basically ignored my own faith for a while, but never thought about giving it up. Then I began dating a girl my sophomore year, and she happened to be pretty serious about religion. One day she was telling me about her church experience, and brought up speaking in tongues. Now, I had grown up in a relatively moderate church, and tongues had never even been mentioned. So my first thought was, "that sounds like a cult activity". So I began thinking, and realized that large organized religions are indeed nothing more than overgrown and somewhat domesticated cults. It took me about 3 weeks of confusion to come to that, but I can proudly say I did so by the power of my own mind, without even reading any of the wonderful books available, such as the End of Faith or The God Delusion. I read those months later, and of course my atheism was strengthened. I live a happier life now, knowing I only have a short time on Earth to positively affect it.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking in tongues is a cult activity, and there are some strange churches out there. However, you must realize that where you will spend eternity is soley between you and God alone. You are right about the fact that your time on Earth is short.......eternity is a long time - think about it friend.....only one of us will suffer the consequences of a wrong decision. PLEASE think about it.