Never a Believer

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My story is rather short, since I was never indoctrinated and was never made to attend church I never received the full effect of religion. I am grateful my parents were never church goes, even though my grandparents were, for some reason we never attended church.

My mother said that we were supposed to be Baptist, but even as a wee lad I do not recall ever going to church. While growing up, my religious aunt would take me along with my cousins to church functions when I stayed over. But that was not on a regular bases and it was never for regular service.

As I write this, the more I think about it, the question comes to mind, why didn't my mother send me to church? I need to ask her this, I am sure there has to be an underlying reason for it. But none-the-less, I am thankful she did not send be church, what kind of mindless drone would I have become if she did?

Even though I never was indoctrinated with the poison of christiandom, my friends all seemed to have some sort of 'religiousness'. They were not hardcore or anything and never professed it really, but it came to that I had to have 'belief' in something dogmatic. During high school I did goto a couple of church services with a friend or two, one was Catholic and the other was just general christian something or another, I do not really remember simply because I was just not interested whats-so-ever.

Anyway over the years a pondered over the superstitious and what it might mean to me. My Mother even stated that "I never believed in that kind of stuff." Which, for as long as I can remember, has been my entire life. For the longest time I too the Agnostic route, The 'I'm o scared to make a decision' position. Simply for that very reason, but also I was not to clear on what 'Atheist' actually meant. It was not something, that at the time, I was familiar with. I was still trying to find a spot for in the religious world, much to my luck I never found one.

Religion has always appeared to be phony and wants you to submit to something that they can not prove to you exist. 'Come and pray to our invisible friends' and while your at it 'give us some cash.' A couple of years ago I made a friend that was reading about Satanism, I started to read about from this site and that site, after awhile of reading into it I hit a wall....The wall of reality. At the same time I was also dabbling in Wicca, something that another friend was into. It's funny that Satanism lead me to becoming an Atheist, but what ever works.

I did not practice any of it, but just the reading of it made something come together in my mind. I realized that it is all rubbish, all religions are nothing more then something for some one else to have power over you. To mislead you into believing none sense, rather then the reality of just how the world and the universe works. That to me is lying.

Now, I am a very vocal Atheist and if a religious person was to question me about this, I would not with hold anything. I am not shy about it either, I say I am an Atheist without seconded thought, like telling someone my name. Once you make your stand and not let the religious push you around, they tend to leave you alone. But you have to have the fortitude to do so, it's not as scary as you might think.

So come out and stay out.

"Gods don't kill people, people with Gods kill people."

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