Reality Ruled

(Via Xpider)

I was raised Catholic with a very open minded background since my parents were divorced I was never really raised, but everyone was religious and took the god illusion very seriously but I always questioned this idea, at the age of 8 I got kicked out of a church for denying the prescience of god in a discussion with a priest, and then I realized that the people who preach this stuff are not as nice as they're supposed to be, this was all in Mexico, at the age of 14 I came to the united states where I learned the meaning of Atheist and on 2007 I made the decision of calling myself an Atheist as opposed to "I'm Catholic but I don't really believe in what I'm supposed to", reality has always been my way of living and when someone tell me to lie to myself in order to feel better, I simply refused to see it that way, I never thought this was so acceptable until I found the friends I have now who understand me and gave me a better logic to live by...

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