Why I am an athiest

(Via Chris)

Well, I was never really raised with any religion. I heard people mention Jesus or Muhammad from time to time, but just kind of figured it was some leader somewhere, i didn't really care. My mom i guess is kind christian, and we celebrated Christmas, but religion was never a part of it. I really first encountered religion when i was ten. I had already found out that the tooth fairy was fakes several years before, and I knew about Greek mythology. When someone spent an hour and a half talking about Christianity, to me it seemed just like Greek mythology, so i just dismissed it as such. I started to encounter other religions, and none really were convincing. I read some of the books, but it felt like i was reading a fiction story. So i chose not to believe in a god, cause I figured that god/allah/etc. was just like the tooth fairy, fictional. I have yet to see any real evidence of ones existence, so, until there is any, I'll remain an atheist.

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