Jeff's Story

(Via Jeff Clanton)

There was no set day. No event. I've been an atheist for over ten years. I argued existence in college with buddies and I've made it known on occasion to my family for years. Recently, I became active in the movement. My participation includes debating and posting on YouTube, posting the great YouTube vids I've found on my Facebook and MySpace pages and inviting my Christian friends to discuss religion.

I've had a few friends delete me since becoming outspoken. Sad as it was, I felt very liberated by my decision to make a stand for what I know to be reasonable and good. Surprisingly, many of my Christian friends have been supportive in my endeavors and see the problems I present. Many of them have commended me for having the courage to speak about my views in spite of their unpopularity. I've earned their respect. It has been my great pleasure to learn that most of the fears I carried about what people would think are of little merit compared to reality.

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