We Don't Need No Stinking Closets

(Via Godless Bastard)

I never came out of the atheist closet because I was never in it. Even as a small child I knew that religion was pure bunk. I'm no smarter or more aware than anyone else, and not that I would expect every young child to come to such a terminal realization, but I just can't wrap my arms around how any sane and (even marginally) intelligent adult would believe such utter nonsense.


Anonymous said...

That is exactly my experience in a nutshell. Once I got to an age where I even cared to think about god and religion (9,10...who knows) I just assumed that my family was "faking" it just for the traditions that came along with their religion. I truly thought that their was no way they believed in such nonsense. As I got even older and especially when I moved to Kentucky (sigh) I realized that most people are insane.

Rose said...


I actually had a similar experience. I used to think that everyone knew heaven, hell, angels, demons, and gods were fantasies but spoke of them to be nice and quaint. As I got older, I was surprised to learn that many people truly and deeply believed in such things.

Oh the innocence of a child!