What am I doing?

(Via damiank)

I'm a college dropout, but in my first year, i took anthropology 101. The professor said something similar to this: "If you are determined to believe in Adam and Eve, there's the door" (pointing to the door). From that moment, I've been fascinated with human evolution. I'm a Cajun catholic, so I guess I believed that atheists were evil. Since i can remember, I've never been fond of church, and failed catechism, but still convinced myself that I had a personal relationship with god. Until age 26, I would kneel and pray at my bed asking for forgiveness for the past, present and future so I would be covered, in case I forgot to pray. After hearing of many scandals, and seeing the hypocrisy at the local church, I started to really question things. Why do men go to church, then walk out and say "look at that ni**er"? That's not too Christ like. One night while preparing to pray, I asked myself, "what am I doing?, what's going to happen to me if I skip this?" So, the experiment was on; no more praying. My life started to clear up, and I realized that I was in control, and that I haven't been struck by lightning yet. I remember getting excited, like being released from a minimum security prison or something. It took awhile, but I saw the light.

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