Jesus [#1]'s Story

Well, I went to Catholic school all my life. My mom is a Catholic born and raised, and my dad is now baptized. Ever since I was little I had questions but the only answers my parents could give me was that part of having faith was to accept things for what they are without question. As you can imagine that was never a fulfilling answer, and I was determined to find the truth. From the time i made that decision until last year I took and agnostic observers stance. I didn't really become an atheist until I saw Richard Dawkins on an episode of the Colbert Report promoting his book The God Delusion. My mom and I constantly argue about religion, but my dad seems to appreciate some of the insight into life and the origins of religion. My friends always have questions about atheism but none of them seem to look down on my choice.

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George Shollenberger said...

The history of your path of thought led to atheism. Had you developed self-knowledge, you would have studied people who would havel lead you to real knowledge of God. Most parents cannot help their children because the knowledge is become more comples.

I teach what parents do not teach on