Tormented's Story

My story I was forced religion all my life. I always felt my family lived through its own hellish conflicts all of my life being apart of a religion and all the responsibility that were forced on us. I feel I have been tormented by people whom support religion for several years. Not only that but I was also deceived within the religion itself and by my family and more than once. I never received many what people call good times. I always felt some dark cloud over my head most of my life. I always hated religion and everything it represented since I could remember growing up as a child. I guess the situation has not changed much. My feelings are even stronger as an older adult.

I could give you several reasons why I hate religion but would you really listen to me or continue to place somewhere I desperately hate? I love science and a higher education. I have decided currently I do not appreciate my constitutional rights being violated. I do not like being placed by people whom think they know where I should be. I have no love for any God or peoples who practice religion. This is why I chose to be an atheist and I want to find other people, make friends, and find employers who do not discriminate.

I rather have NO God what would the world be like without the stereotype of heaven and hell?

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