What's Your Story?

Perhaps one of the most moving types of stories are ones of personal experience. One thing that propelled the gay community to come out was listening to others' stories. That's the idea here.

I will be reposting Coming Out Stories from all atheists and humanists alike. And maybe adding some team members.

Let me know if you'd like to be a part of this. In any case, you can also post your story on your site and send me a link. Via comment or email me.

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yahweh said...

When I was 19 I amde a CONSCIOUS decision to discard all"isms" with which I had been inculcated: those with which the family, the neighborhood, the temple, the friends, the school,the community, the cub/boy scouts, the government, etc. had attempted (consciously or unconsciously), and systematically to imbue me.
I then began a process of examining every issue, every situation with logic and reason as my polestars, and am very comfortable with my internal compass.
I describe myself, not as an atheists, but rather as a "meta-theist", term I coined to describe the process of reason and logic by which one EVOLVES BEYOND theistic belief vel non, and , in fact, to EVEOLVE beyond aderence to any "isms" whatsoever.
Thither let us reason and together and evolve~~~~