Atheist of the 1st Grade

(Via Captain Joe Kickass)

Mrs Stone asked me to lead the class in The Pledge of Allegiance. Being an extroverted 6 year old boy, I jumped at the chance. Me, lead the Pledge? I was thrilled.

Mind you this is no small task. Whomever leads the pledge has to stand in front of the class, place their hand over the heart, speak clearly and loudly, and most importantly not forget the words.

I had practiced many times, for this, my big chance. I strutted to the front of the class as everyone stood and then faced my classmates.

"I Pledge Allegiance" came out loud and clear as did "to the Flag". An approving nod and smile from Miss Stone urged me to continue, and I did.

"One Nation" and then silence. Mrs Stone prodded, "under God" I just could not say it. I could not stand in front of these kids and say Under God. This is an OATH. I didn't believe in the bible stories my great aunt pushed on me, or the invisible "God" watching over my shoulder. Why not say "One Nation under Mother Goose" I thought, but rejected.

"Under God" she said, expecting me to mimic. I replied, "Indivisible, with liberty and justice for all"

You forgot the "Under God" said Miss Stone as I headed to my seat. I replied, "No I didn't Miss Stone. I left it out"

Not surprisingly, I received an unsatisfactory mark in cooperation that year.


tina said...

Good for you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Tina.

You Rock!!!

Anonymous said...

Loved it.