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My family are “followers of Ali”, but my parents soon became atheists so I grew up with atheist parents. Even my relatives which are still “followers of Ali” say they don't take it too seriously, I believe its much easier for them with that label in Turkey compared to being an atheist over there. Two years ago, I was at a relatives funeral where nobody said they think that he is in heaven or he is watching us or any of those things. My father told me that none of our relatives would say such outrageous stuff without being ashamed of so much stupidity.

My mum told me that her grandma was a Sunni and she told her kids and grand kids about god and Satan. But as soon as her grandpa would hear that, he would always say "stop scaring the kids with that bullshit".

I was lucky. I had to make my own decision after reading and talking to religious people. I even went to Church and got lessons at school. I went because of the stories I could listen to. For me, it was nothing else than a fairytale.

I was reading many books about different kind of religions and talking to many people. It took a while 'til I realized that, that I was an atheist. I don't know that much about how life began (I'm not good in Biology) but even that what I understood made more sense then any religion that I know.

And just because I don't have the answer it doesn't bother me. I can live much better knowing not knowing then believing in an supernatural.

Most of my religious friends have a problem with me being to liberal and open minded. They don't understand how I'm thinking but at least they try.

I just try to live my live without doing harm to myself or others.

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