Hasan Khan's Story

I am an ex-Muslim from Pakistan (now an atheist). My path towards freedom from religion started when I was in 10th grade and 15 years old. I began to have much doubts concerning existence of god and the veracity of the attributes awarded to him. However, the news of my doubts spread among my class mates and i was beginning to be branded as some type of an infidel. Worse came when a religious teacher approached me to guide me towards the so-called right path (its almost a death sentence to be awarded as an infidel over here). However, i was able to keep out of further trouble owing to my good grades. At the same time however, i somewhat reverted back to faith due to pressure from peers and family.

The next phase began 4-5 years ago when i became acquainted with the works of great British philosophers like David Hume and Bertrand Russell. This phase was intoxicating and i began to feel the knots tied around myself from religious teachings begin to lose and the air of reason pouring in. I have never looked back since then and have observed a very significant increase in my happiness, reasoning capabilities, and love for my fellow beings.


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I sympathize completely. Hume and Russell have reinforced my non-belief as well.